It was in May 1981 that Pierre Aubin decided to take the leap and start his own trucking company. Located in Sainte-Catherine on the South Shore of Montreal, L’Express du Midi Inc. had only one customer at the time. As the years went on, customers did not hesitate to entrust their transportation needs in this young and dynamic go-getter entrepreneur. A service that combines skill, efficiency and reliability, was certainly a guarantee of success.

The Montreal-Toronto trade corridor offers great prospects. However, the attraction to the Northeastern United States market is creating new opportunities. Over the years, companies have not hesitated to entrust their transportation needs to this dynamic and hard-working young entrepreneur. Trade agreements in transportation are becoming increasingly profitable on both sides of the border.

In the fall of 1987, another service was added. Petroleum and liquid bulk products transportation with Transports Audec Inc. The growing demand for bulk liquid products makes it possible to expand the fleet of tankers ranging from single to multiple compartments. Hiring employees from this sector allows us to bring solid expertise to our tanker transport service offer and to provide a complete dedicated service.

In April 2013, the company Les Transports Delson Ltée. founded by Mr. Georges Gagné in 1955, changes ownership. Pierre Aubin acquired all of the company’s assets. This transaction led to complementarity in the services offered with L’Express du Midi Inc.